Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM with Avalanche Kaito 23 May 2024

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Detail of Talitakum album artwork by Françoiz Breut



“Uekap (Greeting Song)”
from Ukouk: Round Singing Voices of the Ainu 2012-2024

Marcel Khalifé
“Wa Ana Amshi (Walking Tall)”
from Ya Mahla Nourha (Dreamy Sunrise)

Liliane Chlela
from Anatomy Of A Jerk
(Infinite Machine)

Tinkah featuring Brazé
“Head First”
from Sudden Life

Ihsan Al-Munzer
“Sari Aghtchik”
from Orientalissimo Volume 2
(BBE Music)

“Internal Force”
from Journey EP
(Moonshine Recordings)

Beirut Beats
from Beirut Beats 01

Sound Breaking Sky
“SBS 19.3”
from SBS-19

from Vanatühi
(Mille Plateaux/Glitch Please)

“Rocksteady Freddie”
from Rocksteady Freddie
(Renegade Studios)

Ahmed Malek
from Musique Originale De Films Volume 2
(Habibi Funk)

People Like Us
“LSD Cha Cha”
from COPIA
(Cutting Hedge)

Avalanche Kaito Guest Mix

Patrick Opanka Music from Igbo tradition (Ogene and Udu)
Avalanche Kaito “Donle”
Rashad Becker “Dances VI”
The Ex and Getatchew Mekuria “Musicawi Silt”
Avalanche Kaito “Talitakum”
Death Grips “Takyon”
Avalanche Kaito “Tanvusse”
György Ligeti “Atmosphères” 
Kakaki A trumpet played in Burkina Faso
Avalanche Kaito “Borgo”
Avalanche Kaito “Bow”

We put some of our influences and some of the album’s tracks into perspective. The mixtape opens with Igbo bells (Ogene and Udu) that influenced the band, as can be heard on Borgo at the end of the mix (behind this track, we slipped Bow, taken from Avalanche Kaito’s first album).

In second place, the welcome track Donle, taken from Talitakum, segues into Rashad Becker, Dances VI. Compositions like this, which take sound as their main subject, inspire us enormously, more so than the encounter between The Ex and Getatchew Mekuria, which precedes Talitakum, and which we interject simply for pleasure.

Takyon, by Death Grips, is followed by Tanvusse: the filiation is clear. Ligeti’s Atmosphères will probably be seen as a surprising choice. This quest for the stillness of sound mirrors the rhythmic trance inspired by traditional music. It’s trance in reverse. Finally, just before Borgo, a brief extract from the trumpets used for official ceremonies, the kakaki. – Avalanche Kaito

from To All Trains
(Touch And Go)


Photo of Avalanche Kaito by Tom Lyon