Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM with RP Boo 30 September 2021

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Luce Celestiale
“Sette Raggi Radiosi”

from Discepolato Nella Nuova Era

Tom Dissevelt
“Mexican Mirror”

from Fantasy In Orbit
(We Are Busy Bodies)

Bukkha/Fada Jep/JahWind Allstars
“Bun Di Horns”

from Bun Di Horns
(Moonshine Recordings)

Meridian Brothers & Conjunto Media Luna
“La Secta”

from Paz En La Tierra
(Bongo Joe)

Seekersinternational featuring Second Woman

from Seekersinternational Presents Ragga Preservation Society – Worldwide Sound

“Do It Till The Fluid Gets Hot (Extended Version)”

from No Limit/Do It Till The Fluid Gets Hot
(Be With)

Dry Ice
“Don’t Munkey With The Funky Skunky”

from Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip
(Riding Easy)

Abe Rounds
“Screen Time”

from The Confidence To Make Mistakes

The Bug

from Fire
(Ninja Tune)

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler

from Pay What You Want Sampler #3


from Words And Endings
(On The Corner)

Kondi Band

from We Famous
This track also appears on The Wire Tapper 57 CD

RP Boo Guest Mix

RP Boo “Burnt Up Residue”
RP Boo “How 2 Get It Done” (from Established!)
RP Boo “Daddy’s Home” (from Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints)
RP Boo “Havoc Devastation” (from Legacy)
RP Boo “Mumbo”
RP Boo “No Return” (from Legacy)
RP Boo “Speakers R 4” (from Legacy)
RP Boo “Be Of It” (from Established!)
DJ T-Rell remix featuring RP Boo “Drop Ghost”
DJ Taso remix featuring RP Boo “FY Favorite DJ”
DJ Rashad “3 For Da’10”
DJ Taso “Holding U”
RP Boo “Earth Battle Dance” (from I’ll Tell You What!)
RP Boo/DJ Phil featuring Crossfire “Flight 1235” (from I’ll Tell You What!)
RP Boo “Another Night To Party” (from Established!)
RP Boo “Bangin On King Drive” (from Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints)
RP Boo “2’Destroy”


from Creamer EP


RP Boo