Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM with Michul Kuun aka NAH 17 January 2019

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Nate Young

from Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity
(Lower Floor Music)

“Te Ashi No Nagal Saru”

from La La LA
(Sakura Wrechords)

Max Jaffe

from Giant Beat
(Ramp Local)

Lee Gamble

from In A Paraventral Scale

“Dub For The Radicals”

from Dub For The Radicals

“Take Me Higher”

from Pop Espontáneo
(Out-Sider Music/Guerssen)

Koray Kantarcıoğlu
“Hits & Delay A-1100”

from Loopworks

Dive Reflex Service
“No Sleep At All”

from Dive Reflex Service 01
(Limbo Tapes)


from telomer[e]

Maurice Louca

from Elephantine
(Northern Spy/Sub Rosa)

Delta Rain Dance
“Transmission Ten”

from Trancemission/Transmission
(Delta Rain Dance)

“In Da Air”

from VIP Trax

“Roy Brooks”

from Powder In Space
(Beats In Space)

Flamingo Pier
“Tell Me How”

from Flamingo Pier EP

Test Dept

from Disturbance
(One Little Indian)

j.b. glazer

from Compact Break
(Them There)

“Beautiful Spelicaster (Wizard’s Lightning D20)”

from Anaxia: Original Soundtrack

Michul Kuun Guest Mix

1 NAH “Haus”
2 Michul Kuun “Who This?” featuring Wiki
3 Wiki “Elixir” featuring JJ & Obongjayar
4 Michul Kuun “Open Dunno Stay” featuring Obongjayar
5 NAH x MIKE “Swipe From My Garden”
6 Michul Kuun “Chainsaw 04”
7 Nappynappa “Do My Dance”
8 Michul Kuun “Writtenhouse”
9 Klein “Tommy”
10 Onyx Collective x Sporting Life “Space Wars”
11 Michul Kuun “Magic If Work”
12 NAH “Doesn’t Matter 08”
13 NAH x Moor Mother “May 7th”
14 NAH “Night Me Show Night”

Steve Grey

from Industry (Volume 1)
(KPM Music)

AISM 17 January 2019 Flyer