DJ support for Andy Stott at London Jazz Cafe 21 July 2016

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It was a blast to play alongside my colleague and Rewired co-host Daisy Hyde at this event. Not only was Andy’s set fantastic but Grouphums, the opening act, was a revelation. Also the venue’s sound, lighting and hospitality were all top notch (big thanks to Vito for the latter). Daisy and I played b2b with a handful of tracks each time, spread over various formats. Below is a list of my selections from the night.


“Raphael’s Word”

from The Life and Times of Raphael de la Ghettó
(Friends Of Friends)

Clams Casino
“All Nite” featuring Vince Staples
from 32 Levels

“What Am I Gonna Do For Fun (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)”

from What Am I Gonna Do For Fun
(Idle Press)

“Mexican Cola Bottle Baby (Peaking Lights Instrumental Mix)”

from Mexican Cola Bottle Baby
(ESP Institute)

Drum Machine
“Olulu Olmans (Oldman Talkin’ Rework)”

from Space Suite
(Lower Parts)


from Droid EP
(Delsin Records)

DJ Firmeza
“Coelho 2025”
from Alma Do Meu Pai
(Principe Discos)

Rizan Said
“High Tension Zamer”

from King Of Keyboard

Nour Sooska & Andro El Hawyd

from The Wire Tapper 41
(The Wire)

Front 242
“Headhunter V3.0”

from Front By Front
(Red Rhino Europe)

“Common Talk”

from The Lost Tapes 1
(Code Is Law)

“Tantalos (Original Mix)”

from Miami Noize 6

Madd Again!
“Breadline (Tings Are So Hard)” featuring DJ Q

from Breadline (Tings Are So Hard)
(Swing Ting)

“Deepest Thoughts”

from Plague
(E Onrush)

Soft Crash Crew
“Luv U Giv”

from Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks: Wiggy’s Plasma Plex
(Mesa Recordings)

Ricardo Villalobos
“Enfants (Chants)”

from Enfants 12″
(Sei Es Drum)

(Special thanks to Daisy for introducing me to this phenomenal Wicked Witch release).


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