Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM with Deena Abdelwahed 30 November 2023

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Amy Cutler
“the inanity of distance”
from Sister Time
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

“Ya Nass”
from Aykathani Malakon
(Mais Um Discos)

Sabrina Bellaouel
“Jah إلاه (Vampi Remix)”
from Jah
(InFiné Music)

Carl Stone
from Electronic Music From 1972-2022
(Unseen Worlds)

“Ya Halali – يا حَلالي”
from Electrosteen
(Mostakell إنتاج مُستقلّ)

YOKEL x D.HAM x FRANCO FRANCO featuring Sensational
from Parable Of The Empty Cup
(Bokeh Versions)

from Amaranthine

Grupo Swing
“Bosque Solitario”
from Viva el Sábado: Hits de Disco Pop Peruano (1978-1989)

Fruit LoOops
You’re Somebody’s World
(Torn Light)

“55°39’09.8″N 12°33’22.4″E

from Terrain Vague

DJ Manny featuring DJ Rashad
“Ooh Baby”
from Hypnotized
(Planet Mu)

Deena Abdelwahed Guest Mix

“I recorded this mix in September. It has recent releases by labels and artist friends that I follow and support. I wish I had the chance and the courage to record one that reflects the current human catastrophe in Palestine, but in the past 10 years I already did many dedication mixes, music or demonstrations to condemn colonization, the oppressing systems that followed the colonization of our countries and to counter the twisted narrative of the west and Israel. I am very sad and hopeless that it had to come to this point of criminality for the world to (at least partially) finally understand what the Arab diaspora of artists and intellectuals were always trying to alert; Cinema, novels, music, documentaries, TV series, stand-ups, theater pieces, talks, street demonstrations, academia articles and so on… in vain. It had to arrive at this point of criminality to have people’s interest. Makes me doubt that my art in here [the media] isn’t my medium of expression, but a « diversity » token. Thank you for the invite.” – Deena Abdelwahed

VAMPI featuring Nadah El Shazly “Myst
Piezo “Cyclic Wavez
aaa3ع “X0x0harddabke
Ayesha “Tactilia
Batu “For Spirits
Luca Durán “Ojos Cerrados
ABADIR “The Syriac Club
Nass El Hal “Ma bqa khire (Ammar 808 Remix)
3xOJ “Cheikh El Kamel
Deena Abdelwahed “Each Day كل يوم
El Kontessa الكونتيسة “Mesh Marshmellow مش مارشملو

“Dance Of The Resistance”
from Death Of The Prophet


Photo of Deena © Yassine Meddeb Hamrouni