Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM with Masma Dream World 3 December 2020

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from Arc

Brandee Younger & Dezron Douglas
“The Creator Has A Master Plan”

from Force Majeure
(International Anthem)

Pauline Anna Strom
“Marking Time”

from Angel Tears In Sunlight
(RVNG Intl)

“Gladys Mmbobor”

from Obi Agye Me Dofo
(We Are Busy Bodies)

Sista Sara Meets Megumi Mesaku​
“Coptic Dub”

from Coptic Serenade (split release with Fikir Amlak)
(Conscious Sounds)


from Kabul Fire 2
(Kabul Fire)

DJ Earl

from Bass + Funk & Soul

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
“1983… (A Merman I should Turn To Be)”

from Electric Ladyland

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
“Moon, Turn The Tides… Gently, Gently Away”

from Electric Ladyland

Gaye Su Akyol
“İsyan Manifestosu”


Ergo Phizmiz
“I Fucking Love Rock’n’Roll”

from Elmyr
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

Madrid 79
“Good Night”

from Aciday EP
(Fuego en Casa)

Masma Dream World Guest Mix

Aeirrinn (produced by Devi Mambouka) “Baptism” (Unreleased)
Neander Hamilton “Gravewaster” (Rum Fixion Records)
Zebra Katz “MOOR” (ZFK Records)
Confines “Easy Veins” (Bandcamp)
Israel Vines “Encroachment” (Archer Records, Detroit.)
TYGAPAW featuring Mandy Harris Williams “Get Free Intro” (Bandcamp)
Golden Feelings “Cosmic Microwave Background” (Bandcamp)
Haunted Halo “Live To Die Another Day” (Bandcamp)
Rafael “Burning Hay” (IA)
Chris Carlone “Fire Moon” (Bandcamp)
MASMA DREAM WORLD “Before Sunlight” (Northern Spy Records)

Nature sounds + effects modulated by Devi Mambouka
Photo by Josh Lee

Ela Orleans
“Silver Air”

from Christmas Fell Away
(Parental Guidance)

Ela Orleans
“The Night Is Waiting”

from Christmas Fell Away
(Parental Guidance)


Masma Dream World guest mix