Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM with People Like Us 1 October 2020

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from Consume Your Own Identity

Black Burst Sound Generator

from Black Burst Sound Generator

Johnny Osbourne
“Man Of Jahoviah”

from Record Store Day Drop #2

Star Feminine Band

from Peba
(Born Bad)

Sunken Cages
“Sounds Of The Zanzi (iyer Remix)”

from Door to the Cosmos
(On The Corner)

Makaya McCraven
“Mak Attack”

from Universal Beings E&F Sides
(International Anthem)

Café Türk

from Café Türk
(Zel Zele)

“Entre Velas Encendidas”

from Diseñar y Destruir


from Housefly
(Nefarious Industries)

Takuma Watanabe

from Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Soundtrack Recomposed
(Inpartmaint Inc)

William Basinski
“Tear Vial”

from Lamentations
(Temporary Residence)

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler

from Wa
This track also appears on The Wire Tapper 54 CD

Carl Stone

from Stolen Car
(Unseen Worlds)

WaqWaq Kingdom
“WaqWaq Maturi”

from Dokkoisho
(Phantom Limb)


from Yasam Rose

People Like Us Guest Mix

Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) introduces us to her exhibition “First Person, Fourth Wall” currently at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY.

Carlo Patrão “Second Hand Third Eye” (link)
Vicki speaks (link1, link2)
Carlo Patrão “Second Hand Third Eye” (link)
Matmos “Work in Progress” (link)
– Vicki speaks over Dina Kelberman‘s “Study for Sponge Project” (link)
id m theft able “July 31st and Watermelon Sticky” (link)
Gwilly Edmondez “Failed Songs” (link)
– Vicki speaks
Mr Let’s Paint (John Kilduff) “Waiting to get bitten by a mosquito” (link)
Micah Moses “The Astral Dispatch” (link)
Ergo Phizmiz “Everyday Invisible Emergency Grouting” (link)
– Vicki speaks
Buttress O’Kneel “Bokumentary” (link)
Porest “Live Stream” (link)
– Vicki speaks
Andrew Sharpley “Questions” (link)
– Vicki speaks
Mark Hurst “Tron Life” (link)
Andie Brown “Alucita” (link)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz “In The Waking” (link)
People Like Us “Listen With Your Eyes” (link)
People Like Us “Feel It Steal It” (link)
– Vicki speaks | |

Gabriella Smart
“Inner Cities 5 (1999)”

from Inner Cities (Composed by Alvin Curran)


Adventures In Sound & Music