Rewired on NTS Radio 13 March 2014

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Hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman.


from 08.DD.15
(Leaving Records)

Sugoi Knight
“Fighting 4 Your Love”
from Collected Tracks (2001–2003)
(A Kind Of Presence)

Subactive featuring Marina P
“They Can’t Catch We”
from Pepper Dem EP
(Scotch Bonnet)

Ishan Sound
from Forward/Koma

Fatima Al Qadiri
from Asiatisch

Lemzley Dale
“State Of War”
from State Of War EP
(Mixclique Records)

Aleqs Notal
“Side Huit”
from A.E.T. EP

Shanti Celeste
“Days Like This”
from On My Own/Days Like This
(Idle Hands)

Chris Dooks
from Otherlode

Pulse Emitter
from Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis
(Metal Postcard)

from The Wire Tapper 34
(The Wire)

Abd al-Havy Hilmi
“Ahin En-nafs”
from Abd al-Hayy Hilmi 1857–1912: An Anthology

Daleth Karl
“People Dub/RSD Mix”
from People
(Sugar Shack)

“He Was Human And Belonged With Humans” (Regis Version)
from Visibility Is A Trap
(Blackest Ever Black)

Some Truths
“Acid Prozac”
from Some Friends I Lost To Bedlam, Others I Abandoned There
(Mordant Music)

from Tunnels
(Unsound/The Wire)

Abdulla Rashim
“Moral Blinds”
from Unanimity
(Northern Electronics)

Karen Gwyer
from Needs Continuum
(No Pain In Pop)

“That Horn Track”
from Bleep 10

from SUBALT004