Rewired on NTS Radio with A Taut Line 20 June 2013

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Hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman with an exclusive mix by Diskotopia’s A Taut Line.


“Rannoch Dawn”
from The Inheritors
(Border Community)

“Anesthesia” (Keith Fullerton Whitman Remix)
from The Remixes Part 2
(Violet Poison)

John Wizards
“Lusaka By Night”
from Lusaka By Night
(Planet Mu)

“Casio Dub”
from Que Barbaro/Casio Dub

A Taut Line Guest Mix:

1. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – “Aihe Ni Kpe We” (Soundway)
2. James Mason – “Sweet Power Your Embrace” (Chiaroscuro Records)
3. Kalima – “Land Of Dreams” (Factory Records)
4. Paul Hardcastle – “Rainforest” (Profile Records)
5. Gold Panda – “Flinton” (Notown)
6. Moire – “Real Special” (Rush Hour)
7. Gerry Read – “Bozza” (Delsin)
8. Boris Werner – “How Far Can I Go” (Remote Area)
9. A Taut Line – “Bewildered Pleasure” (forthcoming Diskotopia)
10. Tortoise – “Ruba’iyat” (Commmons)
11. BD1982 – “Blessed” (forthcoming Diskotopia)
12. Young Echo – “Crowd Sacred” (Ramp Recordings)
13. Actress – “The Lord’s Graffiti” (Honest Jon’s Records)
14. A Taut Line – “Northentic” (forthcoming Diskotopia)
15. Mau’lin – “Arriver” (forthcoming Diskotopia)
16. Serifu – “Said Situation” (Diskotopia)
17. Colourbox – “Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse” (4AD)

Paul White
from Watch The Ants EP
(One-Handed Music)

Tornado Wallace
“Space Tropics”
from Desperate Pleasures EP
(Beats In Space)

King Tubby
“Dub of Rights”
from King Tubby’s Hometown Hi-Fi: Dubplate Specials 1975–1979
(Jamaican Recordings)

Greg Haines
“The Whole”
from The Wire Tapper 32
(The Wire)

Katie Gately
from Katie Gately
(Public Information)

from Beyond