Rewired on NTS Radio with Mumdance & Shapednoise 24 April 2017

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Rewired with Mumdance & Shapednoise

Shapednoise & Mumdance


The Sprawl
“Haptic Feedback”
From EP1
(Death Is Not The End)

Franco Battiato
From Fetus
(Bla Bla)

Doc Scott
From Metalheadz Boxset 1

Mika Vainio
From Vandal

Ramos & Supreme
“The Journey Pt 1”
From The Journey Part 1/Crowd Control

The Sprawl

Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting
“Blank Ink”
From Undone Harmony Following

“Techno Gone Mad”
From Let It Ride/Techno Gone Mad
(R & S)