Rewired on NTS Radio with Nightwave 24 May 2012

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Hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman, with a special guest mix by Nightwave.


Krazy Baldhead

from The Noise In The Sky
(Ed Banger)

Sei A
“Play My Mind”

from Speicher 71

Jeremiah Jae
“Cat Fight”

from Raw Money Raps

Fatima Al Qadiri
“D-Medley (Ikonika Remix)”

from GSX Remixes
(Uno NYC)


from Stellate 2
(Stroboscopic Artifacts)


from Haymaker/Revolution

Gold Panda

from Mountain/Financial District
(2nd Drop)

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell
“Complete Spiral”

from Complete Spiral EP

Guest mix by Nightwave:

Syntholabo – Skeletone
Cid Rim – JazzyJazzJazz (Dorian Concept Remix)
Jimmy Edgar – In Deep
Kenny Larkin – Aurora
Dopplereffekt – Pornoactress
Anthony Rother – Red Light District
Model 500 – Night Drive
Drexciya – Lardossen Funk
DJ Hell – Suicide Commando
UR – I Am UR
Model 500 – No UFOs
Soundmaster T – Much Booty
Herbie Hancock – Rockit

“Black Boulder”

from Black Boulder
(50 Weapons)

“Buzzin Twelve”

from Basement Mood EP
(Frijsfo Beats)

“The Metallurgist”

from Ufabulum


from From The Horizon
(Civil Music)

Culture Of Un
“Unlike The Visitor, The Desert Does Not Adjust”

from Moonish

Eli Keszler
“Collecting Basin”

from Catching Net

Patrice Scott
“Tones And Things”

from Orbital Bliss EP
(Sistrum Recordings)

“Black Summer Blues vs II”

from The Wire Tapper 29
(The Wire)


from Ask The Dust
(Ninja Tune)

Geno Jordan
“You’re A Peachtree Freak On Peachtree Street (Tom Noble Edit)”

from How To Wreck A Nice Beach 7″
(Stop Smiling Books)