Rewired on NTS Radio 28 February 2013

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Hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman.


“Pink Electric”

from The Wire Tapper 31
(The Wire)

“Jugu” (Baconhead remix)

from Donso Denfila Remixes
(Comet Records)

“Letter Of Intent” (DJ Sprinkles Remix)

from Letter Of Intent

“Locust Tree”

from Locust Tree/Locust Dub
(Punch Drunk)

Danny Scrilla
“Magellanic Clouds” (Deft Remix)

from Fluxus
(Civil Music)

Anthony Child
“The Space Between People And Things”
from The Space Between People And Things
(NNA Tapes)

Digital & Spirit
“Phantom Force” (Fracture Remix)

from Phantom Force
(Phantom Audio)

Natalie Beridze
“Grey Mornings”

from Below The Radar Vol 12
(The Wire)

Basic Soul Unit

from Think & Change LP Sampler 2

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri Jeri with Ale & Khadim Mboup

from Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri

Process Rebel
“Dem Outta Here” (Richie Phoe Remix)

from Code Fusion EP
(Balanced Records)

Kaffe Matthews & Mandy McIntosh
“Orion’s Lament”

from Yird Muin Starn
(Annette Works)

“Huh!” (Randomer Remix)

from Huh! EP
(Halo Cyan)

Ashley Paul
“Wolf Laurel”

from Line The Clouds


from Archaetech
(Greta Cottage Woodpile)

konstruKt feat. Peter Brotzmann
“Part V”

from Eklisia Sunday


from Shuttered/Auster

Trus’ Me
“WAR Dub” (Ben Klock Remix)

from WAR Dub (Ben Klock Remix)/Need A Job (Vakula Remix)/Nards (Ryan Elliot Remix)
(Prime Numbers)