Rewired on NTS Radio 29 March 2016

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Peder Mannerfelt
“Building Of The Mountain”
from Controlling Body
(Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

Twisted Krister
“Viimeinen Rock Ennen Lämpökuolemaa”
from Osani

“Dub Of War”
from Mono County

Hannah Silva
Exclusive to The Wire

Amnesia Scanner
“As Want It”
from AS
(Young Turks)

Silver Waves
from EP3
(Howling Owl/Portal Editions)

Quincy Vidal
“Feelin’ Like”
from Chi’ren
(Styles Upon Styles)

Recent Arts by Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelor
“The History Of Darkness”
from Recent Arts
(Non Standard Productions)

Group Ekanzam
“Le Souvenir”
from Every Song Has Its End: Sonic Dispatches From Traditional Mali

from Hibernation

“Dogov Godov (excerpt)”
from The Wire Tapper 40
(The Wire)

Kerrier District
“Disco Bus”
from Kerrier District

Boreal Network
from Itasca Road Trip
(More Than Human)

“Yontoo How To Get Rid”
from Virtuous.scr
(Plant Mu)

Mungo’s Hi Fi
“Chatty Chatty featuring Sr Wilson”
via SoundCloud
(Scotch Bonnet)

Matt “MV” Valentine
“Slang Yr Life”
from Blazing Grace

DJ Marfox
from Chapa Quente

DJ Assam
“The Importance Of Bring Island”
from 8040

from Aa
(Lucky Me)

P Morris
from Low
(Bear Club Music)

“Tee Oh Ell”
from Grind/Tee Oh Ell

“Bleeper Feed”

from Bleeper Feed/April These
(Livity Sound)