Rewired on NTS Radio with disrupt (Jahtari) 30 January 2014

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Hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman with a special guest mix by disrupt of the Jahtari label.


Ras G
“Dynamite Smoke (MPC 2000 XL)”
from Raw Fruit 2
(Stones Throw)

Holly Herndon
“Solo Voice”
from Chorus
(RVNG Intl)

“Gold Arc”
from Estoile Naiant

“Things Next Door”
from Things Next Door

from Iridis EP
(Throwing Snow)

Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
“Sculpture, Georges?”
from Those Vermillion Sands
(NNA Tapes)

Jahtari Mix by disrupt

01. Disrupt – Predator (from JTR16 – Disrupt – Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound)
02. Disrupt – Arp Attack (from JTR16)
03. Naram – Asia Minor (from JTRLP05 – Naram – March Of The Gremlins)
04. Jahtari Riddim Force – Robot Music Is Not For Humans (unreleased)
05. Peter King – Teach Dem Fi Read, Write & Spell (from JTRLP05)
06. Asher Senator – Mayhem (from JTRLP05)
07. Naram – Run Down The Dairy (from JTRLP05)
08. Jahtari Riddim Force – Nah Fire It Dub (unreleased)
09. Disrupt – The Swishler (unreleased)
10. Jahtari Riddim Force – Total Protonice Reversal (unreleased)
11. Rootah – Dancing Chords (unreleased)
12. Naram – Money Can’t Buy Dub (from JTRLP05)
13. Jahtari Riddim Force – Andromeda Strain (unreleased)
14. Chacha – Black Eyes Stranger / Diggory Kenrick – Stranger Flutes (unreleased)
15. Rootah – Schubert (unreleased)
16. Disrupt – Chrono Trigger (unreleased)
17. Disrupt – Break Out (from JTR16)
18. Kiki Hitomi – Red Mustang (unreleased)
19. Tapes – Persian Pulsewidth (from JTR13 – Tapes – Where Is The Time EP)
20. Disrupt – Tiger’s Claw (unreleased)
21. Disrupt – Mix’n’Mojo (unreleased)
22. Yellow Mouse – Catch A Fire (unreleased)
23. Disrupt – Shogun Assassin (unreleased)

from Moodymann
(Mahogani Music)

Eliane Radigue
from Opus 17
(Alga Marghen)

Ellen Allien & Thomas Muller
“Delta Zoo (Ellen Allien Edit)”
from Free Nation
(Bpitch Control)