Rewired on NTS Radio with Bill Kouligas 31 July 2014

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“Yeti Movie”
from Rock Konducta Parts 1 & 2
(Sounds Of The Universe/Stones Throw)

DJ Rashad
“We Are 1”
from We Are 1 EP
(Southern Bell)

“Nobody Can Stop We (Dub At The Pub Dubplate)”
from Jahtarian Dubbers Vol 4

Aby Ngana Diop
“Track 1”
from Liital
(Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Yuji Kondo
“Lose The Ability To Withstand Existence”
from Radiate The Ocean From My Back
(Perc Trax)

Bill Kouligas Guest Mix

Lee Gamble
“Mimas Skank”
from Kuang

Junior Murvin
“Make It And Set It”
from Make It And Set It

Billy Boyo
“Wicked She Wicked”
from Wicked She Wicked
(Jah Guidance)

“Dub Plate Mix”
from Quiet

from Scythians

Afrikan Sciences
from Circuitous

James Hoff
from Blaster

Boris Blacher
“Elektronische Impulse”
from Abstrakte Oper/Elektronische Impulse/Klaviersonate/Aprèslude/Clementi-Variationen

Mark Leckey & Florian Hecker
“III (excerpt)”
from Sound Voice Chimera

from =
(Heat Heart Records)

Lee Gamble
“Jove Layup…”
from KOCH

White label
from Ethos Series

“’98 Mixtape”

Dave Saved
“Power And Silence”
from Power And Silence: Deindustrialization
(Gang Of Ducks)

Keith Hudson
“I’m All Right”
from Pick A Dub
(Jusic International)

Call Super
“Sulu Sekou”
from Suzi Ecto

“Fixed Action Pattern (Dub)”
from Fixed Action Pattern

Daisuke Tanabe
“Paper Planes”
from The Floating Underwater
(Ki Records)

Joe Henderson feat Alice Coltrane
from The Elements
(Milestone Records)

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