Rewired on NTS Radio with Bizarre Rituals 5 January 2016

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Rewired – 5th January 2016 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


from Alrealon Musique Presents From A To U
(Alrealon Musique/The Wire)

Cooly G
from Get It Pt. 2
(Self Released)

Tarquin Manek
“Sassafras Gesundheit”
from Tarquin Magnet
(Blackest Ever Black)

Matt Karmil
from Idle033
(Idle Hands)

Bizarre Rituals Guest Mix:

Jonny Rowden -“The Late Night Voice” (Bizarre Rituals)
Bruce Haack – “Incantation” (Stones Throw Records)
Maxayn – “Check Out Your Mind” (Warner Bros. Records)
Slhhmyr – “Decompress” (Bizarre Rituals)
Darondo – “Qualify” (Omnivore Recordings)
Elektritus – “Second Wave” (Platten Durcharbeitung Ultraphone)
Soft Rocks – “Black Magic” (Soft Rocks Records)
Bijelo Dugme – “Ipak Pozelim Neko Pismo (Camera 5 Brennan Green edit)”
ursula – “Black Dog (excerpt)” (Bizarre Rituals)
Florian Kupfer – “Brute Force” (Werkdiscs)
Sagat – “Body” (Vlek)
Infamous Boogieman – “Boys Club” (ASL Singles Club)
Tofuti Klein – “Dragon’s Disco” (Bizarre Rituals)

Circular Ruins
“North Of The Sun”
from North Of The Sun
(Portals Editions)

Citizen Boy
“Ghetto Mafia (Club Mix)”
from Gqom Oh! The Sound Of Durban Vol. 1
(Gqom Oh!)

“Hanging Out With The Birds”
from Hanging Out With The Birds

“Enlightenment” featuring Justin K Broadrick
from Different Selves

Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux
from Peau Froide, Léger Soleil
(Cosmo Rhythmatic)

Adrian Younge
“Psalms” featuring Loren Oden
from Something About April II
(Linear Labs)

Sensational & Kruton
“You In The Right Spot (Original Demo)”
from You In The Right Spot
(Power Vacuum)