Rewired on NTS Radio 5 June 2014

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Hosted by Katie Gibbons and Shane Woolman.

Michael Baird
“Mulungushi Rock”
from Logo Rhythms
(SWP Records)

A Tribe Called Quest
“Can I Kick It (Phase 5 Mix)”
from Can I Kick It? EP
(Zomba Records)

JD Twitch featuring Killa P
“Skeng Teng”
from Skeng Teng/Rockers 12″
(Bucky Skank)

Pye Corner Audio
“Black Mist (Long Version)”
from The Black Mist EP
(Front And Follow)

Venetian Snares
“10th Circle Of Winnipeg”
from My Love Is A Bulldozer
(Planet Mu)

“Advice To Young Girls (with Actress)”
from Because I’m Worth It
(self released)

Third Coast Kings
“Just Move”
from West Grand Boulevard
(Record Kicks)

“Like That”
from The Air Between Words
(Ninja Tune)

Mungo’s Hi Fi featuring Charlie P
“Rules Of The Dance (Kahn Remix)”
from Rules Of The Dance/Kahn Remix 12″
(Scotch Bonnet)

“Rough 2”
from Rough 2
(R&S Records)

Craig Leon
“Ring With Concentric Discs”
from Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol 1: Nommos/Visiting
(RVNG Int’l)

from Ambiq
(Arjuna Music)

from Concomitance/AEIOU 12″
(2nd Drop)

Sarah Neufeld
from Hero Brother

“Vent (Truss Remix)”
from Vent
(PT/5 Records)

Holly Herndon
“Chorus (Happa mix)”

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill
“Burroughs Called The Law”
from William S. Burroughs In Dub
(Echo Beach)

Mighty Diamonds
“The Way You Walk”
from Gussie 80s
(Gussie 80s 7″)

Moodymann featuring Charlotte OC
from Hangover EP
(Mahogani Music)

“Fade (Original)”
from Fade EP
(No Brainer Records)

Aleksi Parälä
“GBBVT 1337072”
from Colundi Sequence Level 1