Rewired on NTS Radio 5 March 2015

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Rewired – 5th March 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


Lilacs And Champagne
“Burning Sensation”

from Midnight Features Vol.2: Made Flesh
(Temporary Residence)


from Cardinal/Domino Theory

Fracture & Chimpo
“From Early”

from From Early/Hard Food

Biomass & R.O.M
“# 3”

from MDOF
(Modal Analysis)

Peder Mannerfelt
“Bahuto Chant”

from The Swedish Congo Record
(Archives Intérieures)

“track 3”

from NTS Live Sessions

Phased Entity

from Phased Entity Meets Echo Wanderer

DJ Khalab

from Eunoto EP
(Black Acre)

Mo Kolours
“How I”

from How I (Rhythm Love Affair)
(One-Handed Music)

Jessika Kenney
“Sarira Tunggal”

from Atria

Smokey Quartz
“Philosophical Zombie”

from The Wire Tapper 37
(The Wire)

Sauce & Cop
“Quartz Crisis (Three Legged Race Tar Pit Mix)”

from Erikoisdance 21

“Entropy Symphony”

from Entropik EP
(Planet Mu)

Ginger Johnson And His African Messengers
“Talking Drum”

from I Jool Omo
(Freestyle Records)

Sebastian Melmoth
“King Ludd”

from Felix Culpa
(Feline Vomitus)

“Hardened Chord”

from After The Social EP
(REPITCH Recordings)