Rewired on NTS Radio with Kate Carr 16 February 2018

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This show was recorded on Friday, 16 February, and broadcast on NTS Radio a week later on 23 February.


Kate Carr
“Once Upon A Rose Coloured Time”

from Endings
(Galaverna, 2016)

Chris Watson

from El Tren Fantasma
(Touch, 2011)

Kate Carr
“Ascent (edit)”

from A Wind Turbine To Vultures (And Back)
(Flaming Pines, 2017)

Cathy Lane
“Beam” (extract)


Jeremy Hegge
“The Pipe Which Howled By The Sea”

(via Soundcloud)

Kate Carr
“Communication Wires In Tropical Storm, Si’an Kaan, Mexico”

from The Story Surrounds Us
(Flaming Pines, 2017)

Gail Priest
“Home Moan”

from Heraclitus In Iceland
(Metal Bitch Recordings, 2017)

Kate Carr
“I Ended Out Moving To Brixton” (excerpt)

Forthcoming release
(Flaming Pines, 2018)