Spotlight on Devon Wilson (Part One) in Univibes November 2022

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This article on Devon Wilson, a famous ‘super groupie’ in the 1960s and close girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix, was researched in tandem with my forthcoming Hendrix radio show and soon became a two-part series owing to the amount of content I’d managed to amass.

The first part appears in the November 2022 (#78) issue of Univibes magazine and covers the period of Devon’s life up to late 1968. The second part focuses on events from 1969 until her death and will feature in issue #79.

Big thanks to those who very kindly gave up their time to speak to me for this project, as well as to Univibes Editor Caesar Glebbeek for his immeasurable help. Please visit for copies of the magazine and much more besides.

The introduction to Part One appears below.


Photos of Devon by Baron Wolman (1970)